Writing a Will is something that everyone should do when they own anything or have anyone to leave their things to.  Many people tend to put it off until they reach their senior years. However, it is in fact one of life’s most essential documents.

As we go through life, we build up a collection of assets; from properties and vehicles to financial investments such as ISA’s and savings. Without a Will, it is not guaranteed that these assets will be divided in the way that you would wish. At Bradleys, our team of experienced Wills lawyers know the importance of safeguarding your assets better than anyone.

The process of writing a Will can be quite complex, and there are certain factors which are essential to consider prior to doing so. In particular, if your estate is worth more than the prevailing Inheritance Tax threshold, it might be subject to considerable taxation. However, by gaining specialist legal advice early on from our dedicated Wills lawyers, we can get to work on reducing the potential Inheritance Tax bill on your estate.

It’s never too early to write a Will, and never too late to update it. Upon your first appointment with our Wills lawyers, we will lay out your options with clarity and work with you to draft a Will that covers all grounds, leaving no stone unturned. Our Wills lawyers are dedicated in ensuring no faults can be found and that all your assets are protected, leaving you worry free.


Our Wills team offer assistance on the following areas:

  • Drafting Wills
  • Updating existing Wills
  • Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Trusts
  • Deeds of Variation of Wills

To arrange a meeting with one of our Will writing specialists, please call us on 0333 772 7736.